关于家教的英语作文 On Private Tutor

It is quite common that most students have private tutors since competitions nowadays are extremely intense among students both in schools and society. Many people encourage their students to find private tutors to help them to improve their scores of certain subject. Some people think students should focus on their lessons when they are in class rather than find private tutor to train them. From my point of view, I think private tutor has many advantages for students. Reasons are listed below.


Firstly, private tutor can improve students’ scores rather quick. Not like students sit in class with many other students, private tutoring will focus on one student a time so that a student can get special trainings according to his or her characteristic. Thus, by this way, students can improve their scores quickly.


Secondly, private tutor will save a lot of time. Generally speaking, if students have private tutors, then they just need several hours to obtain lots of knowledge. While in school, teachers have to considerate for all students so that they will teach students a little bit of knowledge once a time. Therefore, students in school need a relatively long time to get more knowledge than learning knowledge from private tutor.


From above analysis, we can come to conclusion that students can obtain lots of knowledge in a short time.

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